New update! This one’s for all our friends out there.

1 min readSep 30, 2021

Ding! Our Friends Hub just levelled up and our users gained the ability to connect their phonebook to Wasder. Finding and inviting all your friends is now as easy and fun as it should be. Speaking of new users…

Everyone that signs up to Wasder from now on will experience our new and improved sign up flow courtesy of our latest release. We even threw in some quality of life updates and fixes for our amazing community. Surely this calls for a little celebratory dance (Let’s goo Bowser!).

1.1.82 release notes

• Added ability to login with phone number
• New and improved account verification process
• Updated party invite screen
• You now have the ability to organize the order of comments on your posts (newest on top or oldest on top)
• User can now find friends on the platform by connecting their phonebook to Wasder.
• We also improved loading of Party Chats

Happy Thursday!
/ Your friends at Wasder




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