The New Wasder Liquidity Staking Program — And More!

4 min readFeb 18, 2022


Alright, you’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s here — time for some staking! Vampire hunters need not bother, because we’re staking tokens here!

We’re happy to introduce our new Wasder Super Awesome Liquidity Staking Program (tm) to give you rewards while you help us provide liquidity. And, just kidding, it’s not trademarked.


It’s pretty simple. This will only be available for 2 months, and it’s first come, first serve. On top of the fees you get from the Uniswap pool, Wasder is also offering a massive 360% APY on tokens (so, 30% per month). The rewards are capped at 10M tokens per month.


You will need a wallet (an ERC20-wallet, meaning on the Ethereum network). We suggest you use MetaMask or get a Ledger to store your tokens on. You will also need both WAS and ETH tokens. You can buy ETH on any large exchange (f.ex. Coinbase), and you can acquire WAS tokens on UniSwap. You can find more information about that here.


The easiest way is to click here to get there directly. If not, here is the full manual way:

Once you have those two tokens in your wallet, you need to go to Uniswap, and click “Launch App”.

If your wallet isn’t connected, you will need to connect your wallet as well. There are a couple of big connect buttons, you can’t miss it.

Then you have to go to the “pool” section of the site, and you do that by clicking “pool” up on top of the screen:

Because our liquidity is on V2, the earlier version, you will now have to click “More” and then “V2 liquidity” like this:

And then, let’s add some liquidity buy clicking on the “Add V2 Liquidity” button:

Alright, almost there! Now make sure you put the amount of ETH and the WAS token that you want in there
(using token contract 0x0c572544a4Ee47904d54aaA6A970AF96B6f00E1b).

Then just click the “Supply” button and approve the transaction, and voilá, you have now provided liquidity, and you will now get what’s called Uniswap LP Tokens. Those are the ones you will be staking to get the WAS rewards.

So head on over to, and scroll down to the Wasder Liquidity Staking pool, and click the “Visit” button to stake.

You will be connected to the Wasder LP Staking Pool, and you need to connect the same wallet you used for providing liquidity above, and you can connect it by clicking “connect wallet” up in the right corner.

Click the “Stake Now” button, and enter how many of your LP tokens you’d like to stake in the “AMOUNT TO STAKE” field, click “Submit Stake”, approve the transactions, and boom! You have now staked your tokens!


The pool is open for 14 days, and will then lock for 30 days. That means we have 14 days to fill the pool. It will lock even if it doesn’t get filled, so your tokens will be locked for 30 days for you to earn your rewards.

After the 30 days end, you will be able to withdraw your tokens, and we will open a new pool with the same features, same APY and same reward cap and open for 14 days, then locked for 30 days. Of course you’re going to want to keep staking in that one!

Once the second pool unlocks, the single asset staking pools with unique and very rare rewards will open up. You can preview them on the Wasder site, right below the Liquidity Staking Pool, and of course, keep your eyes open, because there will be more information coming on them!

Team Wasder




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