Wasder ($WAS) Single Asset Staking Opening May 18th!

  • Private dinner with the CEO — come to Sweden, all expenses paid, and have dinner with Thomas and members of the executive team at one of the best steakhouses in the world!
  • The Swedish experience — we are proud to share all the amazing offerings of Wasder’s birthplace. Whether it’s a hotel made from ice, a sleigh dog trip through Sweden’s endless forests, or freshly grilled salmon in a Viking Village we will bring you over for a real Swedish experience.
  • The Wasder Hero — everyone at Wasder should know how awesome you are. This tier allows you to be broadcast to all users as one of our supportive heroes! No matter how much or little you want to say about yourself — everyone will know you for years to come!
  • Platform Performance Reward—we are rewarding our best content creators, most successful game studios, and most dedicated users each month. You can theme one of these awards with your good self for eternity! Imagine being the original Oscar to the Oscars!




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Wasder is a social gaming microverse where gamers find new people to play with and interact with the games and publishers that they love!